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Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a computer and the Internet? Do people ask for your email address and you don’t have one? Do you have questions about your own technology, like a laptop, cell phone, iPad, or e-reader, and don’t know where to get FREE help?

ETAG’s hands-on Volunteer Technology Assistance Program (VTAP) is geared specifically towards adults 55+ and is FREE OF CHARGE. Whether it’s controlling the mouse and learning the basics, setting up an e-mail account, troubleshooting video problems on Skype, or buying a song from iTunes, the list of potential technology based questions is endless. With simple instructions and guidance, ETAG helps participants develop the skills and confidence needed to use today’s life enhancing technologies. ETAG’s patient ‘technology tutor’ team can answer just about any technology based question and support the achievement of personal technology use goals.

Working in collaboration with community partners, ETAG’s one-to-one technology assistance program is available weekly in multiple technology centres throughout the Halton and Peel regions. The program is structured to accommodate all learners; from beginners needing help with the basics to more advanced users looking to expand their knowledge.

One unique characteristic of the program is that participants can get help with all types of technology, from personal laptops and tablets, to cell phones, MP3 players and digital cameras. With WiFi available at all our locations, participants are encouraged to bring in their own devices.

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Program Documents:
1st Level – Learner Topics List 
2nd Level – Intermediate Topics List
3rd Level – Adventurer Topics List

1st Level – Learner TechCheck
2nd Level – Intermediate TechCheck

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