Trip Down Memory Lane

Do you remember your old home over seas, or what it was like to walk down the street in the neighbourhood you grew up in? What about your favourite restaurant you always visited as a child; do you know if it’s still there? Take a trip  down  memory lane! With the help of Google Maps, site seeing around the world has never been easier. Today we have the ability to virtually tour familiar streets and  explore distant lands we’ve never visited. It’s incredible how much detail is captured by both satellites and a camera mounted on top of a car!

With ease, you can take a virtual trip just about anywhere in the world instantly, without leaving the comfort of your home. Since Ann, a participant at ETAG’s Oakville location, was introduced to Google Maps she has not stopped visiting her homeland of Italy. She reminisces about the good times she had as a young girl with family and friends. She eagerly shows volunteers familiar places and landmarks she recognizes.  Ann certainly finds a lot of value in this tool.

Google Maps, originally called Google Local, was introduced to the world  in 2005. It can be  accessed through desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones, with GPS capabilities. Google Maps has brought to life a spark  in some of ETAG’s participants, that  can only be achieved through technology. Ann looks forward to flying over to Italy in the future, but for now her longing and homesickness is quenched with Google Maps.

– Simone Carpio (ETAG Lead Volunteer)