Technology Enabled Living

Using technology on a regular basis improves a person’s overall quality of life. This is because of all the communication, entertainment and learning opportunities created by tools like email, Skype, tablet computers, and the Internet.

ETAG’s Technology Enabled Living (TEL) program is specialized for adults (55+) living in senior communities, such as retirement homes and long term care centres. As a part of a regular activities program, ETAG supplies all the equipment and instructions needed to help any small group learn how to use technology.

The program is intimate, simple, and interactive. Equipped with a mobile WIFI computer lab, ETAG’s tech tutors consider the needs and interests of each senior participant individually, creating a learning environment that accommodates all skill levels. We help beginners learn the fundamentals of computer and Internet use, while having the expertise to assist more tech savvy seniors fix problems with their laptops or configure new devices, such as an iPad or e-reader.

Although ETAG provides all the technology to conduct each workshop, we encourage participants to bring their own equipment when possible, so they can learn on their own device and customize it just for them. If it runs on a battery or plugs into the wall, ETAG can teach a curious senior how to use it effectively and confidently! Our highly qualified technology tutors are trained professionals and can support individuals with dementia, mobility/dexterity issues, and other common disabilities.