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What is Pinterest?

Today we no longer require piles of magazines, some glue sticks and a pair of scissors to creatively convey your thoughts and ideas of the things you love. With the use of the Internet you can find videos and pictures that inspire you and compile it all on an attractive pin-board style website called Pinterest.

The concept behind Pinterest is to provide users with a way to collect and broadcast the things they find inspiring. It’s a simple and semi-addictive virtual pin-board that lets you seek out and organize collections of things you like, such as events, interests, projects, photos and hobbies.  The website has something for everyone. Subscribers of Pinterest use pin-boards to organize their creative endeavours, like planning a wedding, decorate their homes, create the dream wardrobe, and organize their favorite recipes all in one place.

Pinterest gained a lot of popularity in the spring of 2011 with the launch of the Pinterest iPhone and Android apps, making the interest discovery experience more personal and mobile than evers. In fact, the app launch generated over 11 million visits per week early in it’s existence.

Pinterest has a design and feel much like Facebook. Each user can upload a profile photo of their choice. There is also a stream of continuously updated posts that display content based on a particular users desired interests. Similar to other web tools you might have seen, Pinterest uses “Facebook connect” to allow Facebook members to log on to Pinterest through their Facebook accounts, which provides them the option to publish their Pinterest findings on their Facebook newsfeed.

Pinterest is FREE to join, similar to creating a new Gmail or Stumbleupon account. Getting started is easy. Staying away might get a little difficult. Let Pinterest be the vehicle to your own unique discovery.

– Simone Carpio (ETAG Lead Volunteer)