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No Keyboard. Dictate!

Using a keyboard to type on a computer or tablet might soon be a thing of the past. With the help of the Dragon Naturally Speaking software and the Dragon Dictation app, you are able to communicate directly to your technology without needing a keyboard at all!

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice-dictation tool that allows users to speak into a microphone and have their words recorded in writing on their technology device. For those with dexterity limitations and other physical barriers, this software enables users to complete common daily tasks like: managing emails, updating Facebook accounts, launching computer applications, typing in MS Word and even commanding your computer though voice dictation.

Those who use Dragon Naturally Speaking, sometime criticize the program for the first few days… It takes a little getting used to. For instance, when speaking to the program, you must speak a certain way; slowly, clearly, and with no emotion, because the program doesn’t understand emotions anyway.  With a little perseverance, users get accustomed to how the program functions and how to operate it. It’s easy, if you stick with it!

– Ashia Arshad (ETAG Lead Volunteer)