Free Workshops

ETAG’s FREE Lifelong Learning Workshops provide adults 55+ with the opportunity to learn essential information about today’s new technologies. With the speed and frequency of technology changes, there is always a new gadget to learn about, or new jargon to add to your vocabulary.

Workshops are designed with the technology needs and interests of adults 55+ in mind. Each one consists of two elements; the first is a technology discussion component, similar to a university lecture that focuses on what technologies are available and how seniors can benefit from using them. The second is a hands-on component, which puts digital devices in the hands of participants. Providing this interactive component allows participants to see and experience the benefits of these tools in daily life. They can make better decisions about what technology to buy and how easy it can be to use with some support and guidance.


The workshop instructors and volunteers are the most knowledgeable, skilled educators on ETAG’s team, with the patience and experience to support the variety of questions, comments, and concerns participants have about technology in our modern digital society.