Technology is in a constant state of change, which can make it difficult to stay on top of what things mean and how stuff works. ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshops are designed to teach curious seniors about today’s technology landscape. With easy to follow plain language explanations, ETAG’s technology coaches demonstrate popular devices, identify helpful resources, suggest free apps/services and make recommendations about how to use everything safely.


Each workshop is theme based and geared towards a particular topic. Utilizing lecture style discussions and hands-on opportunities for participants to “test drive” devices, ETAG strives to help seniors make better decisions about what technology to buy and how easy it can be to use with some guidance.

The following is a list of current workshop descriptions:

The “Quantified Self” movement has started, which helps illustrate how modern devices have forever changed the way humans interact with our environments, one another and ourselves. Personal devices equipped with incredible functionality and convenience coupled with social media connectivity and free access to information online have had a great impact on modern ideas about education, health, media/entertainment and the concept of “normal”. Join us for a presentation on the current status of technology and what our future digital world could look like. Concepts such as online learning, podcasts, artificial intelligence (AI), and free apps/websites/services will be discussed.

Windows 10 is the update that Microsoft wanted everyone to get. Join us and learn all about Windows 10; what’s good, what’s bad and why it’s an important consideration for computer users. We’ll explore some of the more useful features added (Cortana, OneDrive) and show you how to customize Windows 10’s privacy and security settings to your liking.

Google is huge! Join us and learn about arguably the largest technology company on the planet. We will explore helpful ideas around Google/YouTube search tricks, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google Drive, Google Now, Google Chromecast and lots of other Google-powered tools and services. Wow… that’s a lot of Google!

In today’s digital world, people are using “the cloud” commonly to store their files and to access programs. Join us and learn about the benefits of cloud computing and how to take advantage of it safely. Topics of discussion include free software (Microsoft Office Online), using iCloud/Dropbox to store documents and do backups, security and privacy concerns with the cloud and the concept of Big Data.