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Seniors IT Fair

Come experience an event dedicated to seniors and technology. In collaboration with the City of Mississauga and Peel Senior Link, join ETAG for a day of technology education and support with the help of our AMAZING technology tutor team!

Tuesday February 25, 2014 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Burnhamthorpe Community Centre – 1500 Gulleden Drive, Mississauga, ON

Enjoy a free light lunch, a variety of local exhibitors, guest speakers, workshops, program demonstrations, prizes, and more!

Whether it’s controlling the mouse and learning the basics, setting up an e-mail account, or understanding the difference between Facebook and Twitter, ETAG’s team can answer just about any technology based question you might have.

Participants can get help with all types of technology, from personal laptops and tablets, to cell phones, MP3 players and digital cameras. With WiFi available, participants are encouraged to bring in their own devices.

Admission is FREE but space is limited!

ETAG on Rogers TV

ETAG on Aging in Peel

Last week, ETAG was featured on an informative television show called Aging In Peel, put together by our good friends over at Peel Senior Link.

Chris Bint and Phil Shahinian joined host Ray Applebaum to explore what ETAG does to support technology use for adults 55+ and why it is important.

We also discussed ETAG’s helpful Technology Enabled Living program, that takes a mobile computer lab with WIFI Internet to retirement communities and long term care centres. It’s an incredibly accessible initiative that ETAG is happy to work on with Peel Senior Link, with support from the New Horizons for Seniors Program 🙂

In case you missed it, a link to the interview is available on the Rogers TV website.
Click here to watch!

Tablet Workshop June 6

Tablet Help

June 6th (9:30am to 12:00pm)

Tablets, Apps, and Mobile Technologies: what to know and how it works

Tablet computers, like the Microsoft Surface, the Apple iPad, Android, and the BlackBerry Playbook, are changing the way we interact with technology, the Internet, and the people in our communities. There are many things to consider when choosing a tablet that’s right for you; how much do they cost? What are the major differences between them? What functionality is important? What “Apps” are available? How do you maintain them so they last? Why should you get a tablet in the first place? ETAG’s workshop is designed for everyone and will explore these questions and provide some tips and tricks to being a savvy tablet user. The workshop is also hands-on, so participants get to try all the tablets and ask our technology tutors any personal technology questions they have.

Location: P.O.I.N.T. Inc.  – 200 Eglinton Avenue West, 1st Floor Toronto, Ontario

Fun Tablet Workshops!

Smiling learners with ETAG

March has been a busy month. ETAG toured our new Lifelong Learning Workshop in Burlington, Oakville, and Mississauga, helping adults 55+ learn about the many tablet technologies available today. Over 60 attendees filled the seats at each of our incredible community partner venues, including the Burlington Seniors Centre, the Sir John Colborne Recreation Centre for Seniors, and Viva Retirement Community.

Happy at ETAG's Workshop!

With the help and guidance of ETAG’s amazing volunteer team, participants learned what tablets are (when compared to laptops) and what they are generally used for. Instructors discussed the different brands available, including Apple iPad, Android’s Asus Transformer Pad, Blackberry Playbook, Kobo’s Arch, and the Microsoft Surface.

ETAG’s tablet workshop is an opportunity for participants to learn about tablets in a neutral, unbiased forum to ensure they have a firm understanding of what they want before visiting a retail outlet. Instructors explored the different interfaces, explained the major hardware variances, and outlined the price ranges people should expect. Participants also learned about concepts like ‘open-source‘ and ‘proprietary‘.

Doro and iPad!

With a special sneak peak preview from our incredible sponsors at Doro, the Doro Experience App for Android was highlighted as an accessible option for older adults looking for a SUPER SIMPLE tablet interface that’s easy to learn and use. Terrific stuff! Not to mention Doro’s well received PhoneEasy cell phone, perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, basic mobile phone with usability at its core. Check them out online!

Thanks again to the New Horizons For Seniors Program, who is the primary supporter of ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshops across the GTA. We can’t wait for the next round of workshops in May. Visit ETAGonline’s FREE WORKSHOPS section for more details 🙂

– Chris Bint


SNAP North Toronto

Chris and Phil from ETAG         Chris presenting workshop

ETAG was recently featured in SNAP North Toronto to highlight our Lifelong Learning Workshop about technology. In collaboration with P.O.I.N.T., ETAG shared useful information about today’s digital gadgets, like tablets and smartphones, explained some important technology buzz words like 3G/LTE, cloud computing, and Twitter, and identified several ways that adults 55+ can stay safe in our technology rich world.

Workshop Participants

Check out a few photos and the short write-up here.

Thanks to SNAP North Toronto for the use of their photographs from the event 🙂

3 March workshops!

Spring is a great time to learn something new about technology 🙂

ETAG’s free educational Lifelong Learning Workshops are happening across the GTA and there are three (3) dates scheduled in March 2013.

Upcoming March workshop details include:

March 13 9am – 12pm
Topic – Tablets and Apps
Burlington Senior’s Centre
2285 New St. Burlington
To RSVP, call 905-335-7888 or email

March 19 1pm – 4pm
Topic – Today’s Digital World
Sir John Colborne Recreation Centre for Seniors
1565 Old Lakeshore Rd. Oakville
To RSVP, call 905-815-5960 or email

March 26 1pm – 4pm
Topic – Tablets and Apps
Viva Retirement Community
5575 Bonnie St. Mississauga
To RSVP, call 905-566-4500 or email

ETAG’s technology workshops are designed for older adults at all skill levels of technology use. No experience required. Our expert technology tutor team works hard to make our workshop content not only easy to understand, but also useful and relevant for even our technology savvy participants.

As always, if you’ve visited an ETAG Lifelong Learning Workshop in your community before, the concepts and ideas discussed will be new the next visit. Please attend our workshops as often as possible. There’s always such amazing change with technology. We’ve always got something new to talk about 🙂

– Chris Bint

Super workshop in T.O!

On February 7th, ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshop touched down in Toronto and received rave reviews yet again. With 70+ curious senior participants in the crowd, ETAG’s team of technology savvy tutors helped inform the audience about what technologies are available today, what they can do to enhance daily life, where to get them, and how they work.

In collaboration with our friends at P.O.I.N.T., ETAG’s team introduced concepts like 3G/LTE, cloud computing, and voice dictation, while demonstrating how devices like the Blackberry Playbook, Doro’s PhoneEasy 612, and laptop computers can make life for everyone a little easier and ultimately better.

Participants love trying different devices and deciding which one is right for them. We like to help people feel comfortable with technology and not be intimidated by it. Today’s technologies help us all stay connected with our loved ones easier than ever, which is why it’s essential that everyone has the right information and support needed to embrace it. ETAG strives to make this possible.

We cant wait to visit the Toronto community again soon. Remember .. if you’ve attended one of ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshops in your neighbourhood, it will not repeat again. That means, you should always stop by when our events come to town. There is always something new to learn about technology 🙂

Thanks again to the New Horizon for Seniors Program for making ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshop project possible.

Home Run Workshop

ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshop November 28th at the Burlington Seniors’ Centre was a success! SO MUCH FUN!!!

There was an amazing group of participants full of energy and excitement about the new technologies out there. ETAG’s knowledgeable group of volunteer technology tutors helped answer many questions about different technologies, like iPads and Android tablets, Kobo e-reader, Windows 8, Facebook, and the revolutionary gadget, Square!

Having some fun.

We also helped some participants connect with a helpful brand, Doro, who specializes in creating telephone technologies specifically for an aging population. Check out Doro’scell phone, the PhoneEasy 612 available only through Rogers, and their home phone called MemoryPlus 319, available only through the CNIB.

ETAG is excited to have MANY MORE Lifelong Learning Workshops about technology in the new year. Check back soon for more details.

REMEMBER… ETAG never presents the same workshop twice in a community, so please attend all of our workshops and bring your friends! There is always something new about technology to learn 🙂

– Chris Bint

November 28 Workshop

At the Burlington Seniors’ Centre, ETAG will be sharing our FREE Lifelong Learning Workshop titled: Technology in Today’s Digital World with the Burlington community. The event will be a fun filled morning, from 9:00am to 12:00pm, full of technology discussions, device demonstrations, and a hands on opportunity for participants to try the amazing gadgets available today with the help of ETAG’s incredible volunteer team.

Topics will include, but are not limited to, tablets (iPad, Android, Microsoft Surface, BlackBerry Playbook), e-readers (KOBO, Kindle), smartphones (iPhone, Android), Cell phones (Doro PhoneEasy), social networking (Facebook), and technologies launching in the near future. We will talk about what these technologies are typically used for, what the differences are, how to personalize them, and tips for using them safely.

To RSVP, please call the Burlington Seniors’ Centre at 905-335-7888.