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Internet Radio

Since the invention of the television, and various other digital technologies, many believe that the radio is not listened to with the same popularity it once was; some would go as far as to say it is not listened to at all!

Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact, because of the Internet, listening to the radio has become even more accessible. Radio stations around the world, from local political programming, to movie soundtracks, classical, or jazz from Cuba, are broadcasting online and are available with the click of a button.

Since there are so many types of stations, some older adults find it difficult to access this fairly new resource. One fantastic example is broadcast from right here, in Toronto Canada! It’s Jazz FM 91.1. With their free iPhone and iPad app (400,000 downloads to date!) and from their website, listeners can tune into their local programming from anywhere on the planet. Wow! Also, just last summer, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) launched a radio station,  AARP Internet Radio with 18 channels. It’s free, simple to use, and has a variety of musical selections, from Rock n Roll, to the Classics, to Jazz, and even newer tunes. By clicking the “Music” button at the top of the page, you can select a station, an album, or style, then, just click play, and voilà!  You’re ready to listen to a flurry of songs.

By streaming the stations online, this free service uses your Internet to play just like a radio. It can be accessed in the United States and in Canada. You can even continue browsing the Internet without turning off the player.

The look of the radio may have changed, from a box in your living room, to a laptop you can carry around town, but its purpose and quality remain the same. By recognizing this amazing resource, seniors can access their favourite radio stations, and music with a few simple clicks.

– Aarthy Rajah (ETAG Lead Volunteer)

No Keyboard. Dictate!

Using a keyboard to type on a computer or tablet might soon be a thing of the past. With the help of the Dragon Naturally Speaking software and the Dragon Dictation app, you are able to communicate directly to your technology without needing a keyboard at all!

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a voice-dictation tool that allows users to speak into a microphone and have their words recorded in writing on their technology device. For those with dexterity limitations and other physical barriers, this software enables users to complete common daily tasks like: managing emails, updating Facebook accounts, launching computer applications, typing in MS Word and even commanding your computer though voice dictation.

Those who use Dragon Naturally Speaking, sometime criticize the program for the first few days… It takes a little getting used to. For instance, when speaking to the program, you must speak a certain way; slowly, clearly, and with no emotion, because the program doesn’t understand emotions anyway.  With a little perseverance, users get accustomed to how the program functions and how to operate it. It’s easy, if you stick with it!

– Ashia Arshad (ETAG Lead Volunteer)

Seniors loving iPad!

Whether you like finding information online using Google or Bing, connect with your family via Facebook and Skype, read your books using the Kobo app, or play bridge and other games with people all around the world over the Internet, everyone is loving the iPad.

Even seniors who have been using email on their desktop computer for years can’t help but be attracted to the bright screen, easy to use controls, and seemingly infinite number of apps. One piece of advice; although the iPad is easy to control, some people find it even easier when they use a stylus. Check your local dollar store. You can get one for $2 instead of $19.99 🙂