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ETAG explores Wii Sports

Did you know that you don’t need a court to play tennis, or an alley to go bowling? People everywhere are having fun with these games at home using a Wii. Are you familiar with Wii? Some may think I am speaking a foreign language… What is a “Wii”? Others might think that a “Wii” is for children, and adults shouldn’t play video games. A new project ETAG is coordinating at the Centre for Education and Training’s Oakville location, helps adults 55+ understand what a Wii is, and how it can help everyone stay active and social.

Irene, a long time ETAG participant, had never seen the insides of a bowling alley, yet she bowled like a pro at our Nintendo Wii session last week. After a short tutorial on how it all worked, Irene and a group of participants took turns competing against one another and in teams, both in bowling and tennis tournaments. It was an absolute blast! Everyone was having great fun, laughing and sharing a new experience together, with the help of ETAG’s volunteer technology tutors. The opportunity to learn and play with the Wii built team spirit and camaraderie in the participants. They can hardly wait for next week’s session.

The Wii is controlled by a light weight remote in each hand. It connects wirelessly with a sensor that sits on your television screen, which makes it easy to operate for everyone. According to WebMD, a website that helps user’s research medical topics, playing games such as Wii bowling and tennis, help seniors distress. Therapists have recognized that as we age, it’s common to become less active. Some technology savvy therapists utilize the Wii system in their rehabilitation and recreational routines.

– Simone Carpio (ETAG Lead Volunteer)

Need 4 Speed!

Video games allow people to escape into a world fuelled by the imagination. Whether you’re a young child, teenager, professional, or older adult, exploring a virtual reality is lots of fun! You can be almost anything; from a race car driver to a web slinging super hero, or a soccer star to an ancient ruin treasure hunter, the possibilities are limitless.

With mobile devices, video games are pushing to the next level. Motion gestures and touch screens allow players to have a more realistic gaming experience than ever before.  The BlackBerry Playbook, iPad, and the Google Nexus 7 are all great options for new technology users interested in mobile games. There are lots of free games available on all of these devices, so save your money when you first start out.

ETAG recommends Need 4 Speed and Angry Birds 🙂

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