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ETAG Is Now A Charity

ETAG is now a Charity!!

Since 2008, ETAG has helped thousands of adults 55+ learn how to use the common technologies used by today’s digital generations. We’ve connected people with their loved ones around the world using tools like Gmail, Facebook, and Skype. Our amazing volunteer technology coaches have guided boomers/zoomers into the tablet era, helping explain the pros and cons, the ins and outs, the iPads and Androids… There is SO much reward in teaching someone’s Nana and Papa how to use Google to find information or to complete an online form; skills often taken for granted by many. Technology creates unbelievable possibilities for its users. Helping all generations benefit from these possibilities has been a remarkably fruitful adventure for ETAG 🙂

After years of providing seniors with a free and patient way to learn how to use technology, it is with great pleasure to announce that ETAG has been registered as a charitable organization in Canada! ETAG’s team is delighted to enter this new chapter and can’t wait for all the incredible opportunities and good that will follow as a result of this great news. On behalf of myself and the entire ETAG Leadership Team, thanks very much to our volunteer technology coaches, who are an essential part of the programs ETAG organizes. You are all SO supportive and make your communities a better place to live.

There are big things on ETAG’s horizon! As technology continues to change and get better, ETAG will too, helping everyone stay in touch with the essential information we need to enhance our lives by utilizing technology comfortably and confidently. I can’t wait for what’s next!!! Stay tuned 🙂

– Chris Bint


Super workshop in T.O!

On February 7th, ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshop touched down in Toronto and received rave reviews yet again. With 70+ curious senior participants in the crowd, ETAG’s team of technology savvy tutors helped inform the audience about what technologies are available today, what they can do to enhance daily life, where to get them, and how they work.

In collaboration with our friends at P.O.I.N.T., ETAG’s team introduced concepts like 3G/LTE, cloud computing, and voice dictation, while demonstrating how devices like the Blackberry Playbook, Doro’s PhoneEasy 612, and laptop computers can make life for everyone a little easier and ultimately better.

Participants love trying different devices and deciding which one is right for them. We like to help people feel comfortable with technology and not be intimidated by it. Today’s technologies help us all stay connected with our loved ones easier than ever, which is why it’s essential that everyone has the right information and support needed to embrace it. ETAG strives to make this possible.

We cant wait to visit the Toronto community again soon. Remember .. if you’ve attended one of ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshops in your neighbourhood, it will not repeat again. That means, you should always stop by when our events come to town. There is always something new to learn about technology 🙂

Thanks again to the New Horizon for Seniors Program for making ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshop project possible.

Home Run Workshop

ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshop November 28th at the Burlington Seniors’ Centre was a success! SO MUCH FUN!!!

There was an amazing group of participants full of energy and excitement about the new technologies out there. ETAG’s knowledgeable group of volunteer technology tutors helped answer many questions about different technologies, like iPads and Android tablets, Kobo e-reader, Windows 8, Facebook, and the revolutionary gadget, Square!

Having some fun.

We also helped some participants connect with a helpful brand, Doro, who specializes in creating telephone technologies specifically for an aging population. Check out Doro’scell phone, the PhoneEasy 612 available only through Rogers, and their home phone called MemoryPlus 319, available only through the CNIB.

ETAG is excited to have MANY MORE Lifelong Learning Workshops about technology in the new year. Check back soon for more details.

REMEMBER… ETAG never presents the same workshop twice in a community, so please attend all of our workshops and bring your friends! There is always something new about technology to learn 🙂

– Chris Bint

Workshop a Success!

On November 6th, ETAG’s Lifelong Learning Workshop in Mississauga was a great success! The workshop, titled Technology in Today’s Digital World, was geared towards adults 55+, and explored the amazing digital tools we have available today, what they can do, and how they can improve someone’s quality of life!

With the help of our amazing team, including our volunteer technology tutors, the beautiful V!VA Retirement Community, ONPEA,  and our friends at Doro and Microsoft, ETAG helped participants understand the different devices available today, with demonstrations, and hands on opportunities. We explored the incredible “APPS” that are available, many free of charge, and how these technologies can enhance day-to-day  life for everyone that learns how to use them!

What a great way to spend an afternoon 🙂 Can’t wait for our next showing of this workshop in Burlington, on November 28th at the Burlington Seniors Centre.

Click here for all the details. Hope to see you there!

– Chris Bint (ETAG)