About Us

Community is Important

We form partnerships with academic institutions, research facilities, community organizations and volunteers from all walks of life in order to help older adults overcome the challenges of modern technologies.

ETAG has partnered with the Centre for Education and Training (TCET) to offer our FREE Volunteer Technology Education Program to adults 55+. Working with TCET enables ETAG to reach older adult and volunteer communities in Oakville, Mississauga, and Brampton Ontario, Canada.

ETAG’s History

Chris Bint, Executive Director of Elder Technology Assistance Group, started to envision the non-profit organization while volunteering as a technology coach in a study at the Sheridan Elder Research Centre in 2006. Recognizing the positive potential of technology assistance for older adults, Chris knew early on he would spend his life helping generations stay connected. Chris graduated from the University of Toronto’s Communication, Culture and Information Technology program and received a certificate in Digital Communication from Sheridan College in 2008. Shortly after graduation, with the help of co-founder Phil Shahinian, ETAG was born.